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One of the most interesting trends involves cultivating an organic followers on LinkedIn for businesses by following others and sharing relevant content on your profile.

Organic marketing grants a solid path to brand recognition, and it is critical for modern businesses seeking leads and aiming for sustainable growth. Unlike paid content, this route allows you to connect with potential audiences through strategies that emphasize substantial, lasting connections.

Why LinkedIn Is Great for B2B Growth

The reason why it is important for people to opt for organic audience growth is the ratio of cost over benefit. With the best practices being easy to adopt, careful planning is all that you need to gradually build your enterprise. That is assuming, however, that you have found the right place to do it.

A lot of online social spaces and sites in general offer an excellent avenue for promotional campaigns and SEO strategies. As a networking platform, LinkedIn has the advantage of allowing business-to-business (B2B) endeavors like no other platform does.

While many people also choose it as a platform for business-to-consumer marketing, most of the activities that take place on LinkedIn include looking for leads via business or promotional partners and resources, along with assessing market rivals.

While other platforms also harbor tools for connecting with commercial or corporate entities, LinkedIn wins in terms of scale and quality. You are more likely to encounter seasoned professionals, or at least enthusiastic and qualified amateurs, in your field.

Given all this, recent research has revealed that more than 90% of B2B content marketers choose LinkedIn as the platform for doing so organically. Over three out of four of them have ranked it as the top website for non-paid marketing practices.

On the other hand, paid content tends to do better on Facebook and other sites where an ad-focused campaign might work better than one that emphasizes content. So, if you’re after an organic growth strategy that yields results, LinkedIn is the best place to gather a following regardless of the size or reach of your company.

The question is, therefore, how do you attract an organic LinkedIn following?

Gaining More Followers On LinkedIn

Crafting a presence on LinkedIn by aiming for organic interactions required tangible strategies rather than those that derive superficial, fleeting results. Your B2B marketing campaign needs to rely on long-term planning for best results. Fortunately, LinkedIn provides just the tools you need to accomplish this feat.

How you keep visitors engaged plays a significant role in helping you amass subscribers. Rather than immediately put forth a sales pitch, you need to focus on promoting an organic LinkedIn following by

  • Create an impactful profile
  • Manage content quality AND quantity
  • Write meaningful posts
  • Connect and interact with others
  • Foster trust among your audiences
  • Enable quick and efficient communication

Presenting yourself as an enterprise worth investing interest and resources in is the best way to gain popularity and generate important B2B leads without relying on paid content.

Team Figuring Out How To Get More Followers On LinkedIn

Value Content in Your Campaign

For capturing interest through clicks and prolonged user visits to your pages, you need to capitalize on content. That means using diverse media, creating regular posts, and focusing on important, intriguing, and up-you-date materials and subjects consistent with your brand, area of expertise, and the most important with the intentions of your clients.

For fast-tracking your organic Linkedin audience growth, avoid posting stuff that is unrelated or serves no major purpose to your followers. People have a tendency to skim through profiles, which is why what’s on your pages needs to be worth stopping for.

Write to Impress

A simple way to draw the attention of more people is to be great at writing posts. That seems obvious enough but gauging the type of articles that work for you is as important as it can be tricky at times.

A safe bet is through well-written and informative articles relevant to your company. This allows you to connect with others through fresh, newsworthy content and your page becomes a hub of information exchanged on the subject.

Alternatively, you can boost articles by other creators to initiate active discourse on a subject. Rather than target immediate, overnight success, this approach grants a small but potent following of only the most important audiences. A key aspect of the organic expansion of a business is to pick the right audience.

Another way is to boost your organic Linkedin following is by writing news articles or updates on your own company, the market that you specialize in, or interviews with experts in the field. Such content enables you and others to keep up with commercial trends and establish B2B relationships based on informed branding.

Mix Things Up

In e-commerce networking, the most effective technique is knowing how and when to share information and advance marketing. As a rule of thumb, you need to limit direct business propositions in your posts to one soft sell and one hard sell.

The rest of your content should focus on enlightening or humoring followers with content that they can consume and enjoy without putting much effort. This is a logical step as, for to actually ensure an organic LinkedIn following, you aren’t just surveying audiences for your own gain. Appealing to visitors with helpful media allows others to trust you.

For ideal results, combine your articles with rich, interactive media videos, infographics, stats reports, fascinating research, and assorted amusing posts. Rather than restrict viewers to your own page, you can share links to presentations, digital pamphlets, events, and other content.

Post as Regularly as Possible

Attracting audiences with quality content is just the first step. You need to ensure regular posts as well in order to keep your followers involved and interested. This isn’t just for maintaining post viewership, but to offer a dynamic front for your online business and marketing campaign which others can find value in.

If you don’t post regularly while your competition gets all the attention, it gives the impressions that you’re out of the loop. Timely updates show a degree of devotion on your end. This prevents your campaign from falling short of its objective of acquiring organic LinkedIn follows.

A bare minimum is to maintain weekly posts, though that works if the content is substantial enough. Most LinkedIn users should update their timelines at least daily. This is critical if your end goal is to nurture an active, dynamic community and wield public discourse to further your brand.

A steady supply of recent posts and quality content is the sign of a vibrant brand which stays up to date on the most recent market developments. As a result, you are more likely to be viewed as a valuable associate for business communications and establishing professional relationships.

That being said, replenishing your page with consistent posts on a daily basis can be a high-maintenance task. Fortunately, LinkedIn users can curate future posts in advance and instate a schedule for revealing them. This is both efficient and enables improved follower interaction.

Boost Posts for Better Recognition

While developing a business through organic routes is something anyone can do, even with little means, some techniques work better for those with a larger, more lucrative presence.

On that note, LinkedIn offers business accounts and some other long-term users a “Boost” function for their profiles. With this, users can promote articles or other posts on their pages towards a higher audience. Usually, it’s the posts that are experiencing the most active responses that are best for boosting to other platforms.

This aspect of your campaign benefits significantly by the content you are choosing to represent your brand. This includes calls to action, informative blog posts, or intriguing topics of discussion, among many others. You can even choose to forward posts to particular audiences like your own native followers or new communities or subsets of users.

Depending on what you’re promoting, why you’re boosting, and who needs to see it, these posts can help bolster your organic LinkedIn following by

  • Seeking customers or commercial partners
  • Raising awareness on certain subjects
  • Bringing people communities together
  • Be Welcoming to Your Audience

Crafting top-tier and sufficient content is guaranteed to grant you a substantial level of attention. But the point of LinkedIn and other servers like it is to augment communication between users. As such, if you post something interesting, you’re likely to get responses via comments or direct messages.

Social marketing is key in ensuring a smooth path to gaining an authentic, organic LinkedIn following. Since you’re already dedicating time and resources to your campaign, it is crucial that you keep in touch with whoever attempts to establish contact with you.

Inviting others to share their thoughts through polls, forums, and comment sections offers valuable networking opportunities in the form of encouragement, feedback, insight, and more. When seeking potent leads, these resources can be pivotal to your campaign.

If you have a sizeable-enough stage, you can use your posts and communication to encourage a sense of belonging within your digital society. As you reach out more from your end, each new post will receive a higher degree of enthusiastic impressions.

Being informed is just one part of engaging with followers. According to experts like those at WeLoveWeb, being mentally prepared and having an optimistic or assertive attitude is also important for ensuring an influential sales call or pitch meeting. This works wonders whether you’re connecting via email or live chats.

Professional Business Presentation

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Designing Your Campaign

Mold an Effective Profile

Your LinkedIn profile serves as an introduction to you and your business and must be crafted to generate followers with each first impression.

To construct an influential front page, you absolutely need to focus on the basics like a thorough user description that is comprehensive but also unique. An important step here is to enable your profile to allow followers from all over LinkedIn.

But on top of these basic guidelines, you can use stories in the form of captivating articles or compelling video introductions and encourage viewers to learn more about your enterprise.

Alternatively, you can link to your business portfolio or highlight your achievements like previous awards or accolades to your landing page for maximum impact.

Dabble in Drip Marketing

Drip campaigns offer LinkedIn users to communicate with other profiles through short but persuasive automated messages. As organic growth goes, this is a more commercial aspect of social marketing.

Email marketing is the main “drip” route for improving your organic LinkedIn following¸ although social and direct messaging are areas you can explore as well.

The aim is to connect with as many potential customers or business associates as possible through personalized messages, digital flyers, informative news, or commercial solicitations. This is one of the most effective and highly recommended approaches for cultivating organic leads.

Engage in “Follow Sprees”

To further your recognition, you can engage in sporadic follow campaigns. Basically, when you have the time and spirit, you can start following accounts run by other LinkedIn users to grow your professional contacts.

Rather than contacting businesses, however, the focus here is to gain subscribers in the form of regular people who are familiar with or interested in your field or market specialty. Understanding this key distinction will be imperative in the organic aspect of your tactical marketing.

On one hand, you can randomly select profiles and start following them. However, a more refined approach involves seeking out influential accounts with active, booming communities and dynamic followings of their own.

By reaching out to established users and bringing your existing bases together, your hunt for an organic LinkedIn following benefits from an audience that virtually guarantees some level of consumer engagement and promising leads.

Embrace Thought Leadership

This concerns essentially everything we’ve discussed and binds it with a common underlying theme on which your campaign is founded.

When creating content, boosting posts, reaching out to followers, or bringing communities together, thought leadership is how you carry a conversation through your expertise on a subject.

This expertise goes beyond the things you know about market trends and business skills. By valuing the input of others and sharing your wealth of knowledge in a way that allows others to contribute while following your lead.

From educating others with the sole intent of being helpful, to seeking lucrative B2B opportunities in search of better leads, this concept is important if you are serious about brand recognition.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing can lead to various levels of success based on your strategy. Organic audience growth is a surefire way to gain brand recognition that is as massive as it is profitable and conducive to better B2B leads.

If you’re not sure about how to approach this, various e-commerce agencies can help curate marketing solutions for companies or individuals looking to enhance their organic LinkedIn following.

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