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Contact us via our contact form or you can contact us directly by phone or email. One of our nice agents will go over the basic requirements of your website with you.

Plase, prepare answers to questions such as: in what style do you want to present your business, or what sections you would like to display at your web site and in how many languages.

During the call or in the contact form, do not be afraid go deeper to details of your ideas, any information about your business is important.

Price offer

All the information you provide will help us to create an initial image of the type of website that we will prepare for you.

This information will be reviewed by one of our experienced manager who will together with the architect prepare an initial offer.

The price always includes all the work of the entire team, including designers, developers, testers and analytics, as well as all the technologies that we identify as necessary to meet all requirements.

Competitor analysis

We offer our clients a complete and first class service.

Before starting the design process, we will anlise very carefully your competition. Find out their strengths and weaknesses, where they advertise, what structure, functions and services they offer to their clients, how purchases or reservations are made, and what additional services offer to their customers.

Based on this in-depth analysis, we will prepare a document for you, with clear result of the analysis and recommendations on what you should consider in the offer for your clients.

Web architecture

Before starting the development of your website or online store, the project manager will contact you and go over all your requirements and all the details of your project. At the same time, he or she will suggest advanced options that your website may need from our experience and detailed competitor analysis.

Once we are clear about your website requirements, we will pass them on to one of our architects. They are experienced developers who understand exactly how a website should be ergonomically designed so that it has a clean, attractive, modern and clear impression to the user.

Professional design

We will introduce you to the architecture of your future website and give you time to review it carefully. Today customers have so many options and are comparing various aspects, before they make their decision.

The final architecture of the website will be send to our designers, who will prepare a unique and original design from scratch. So each part of the web presentation meets all your requirements and high expectations.

Customized web design in our words include analysis of the sector and competition, prepare architecture of the web and complete design of each and every element of final website.

Development process

Having clear requirements from you, ready architecture and design of your online presentation. We will process everything in a single document, in which you will have clearly marked and visualized all the details of your future website.

Based on the documentation, architecture and design of your confirmed project, our programmers will take care of the work.

They always work with passion and enthusiasm to build their website to exactly match the requirements based on the design and documentation of the project.

Internal reviews

During the preparation of the architecture, design and programming process of your website, we will proceed periodical internal reviews of designs and functionality of your website.

The review is always done by a team member who is not working on your project, thanks to this approach we can guarantee an unbiased internal review.

As soon as the design and condition of the website go through our strict internal processes, we present them to you for final approval.

Periodical Presentation

While working on your site, the project manager will always keep you informed about the current status of the project. As soon as the website is ready for submission after internal reviews, we will send you links so that you can access the website, and see for yourself how the work is progressing.

During development, we will have a several major milestones, during which we will ask you for a detailed review of the website, and based on your feedback we will incorporate and adjust the details.

The first time about halfway through development and the second time before full completion.

You will always have a complete view and control over the process. And the manager of your project will be always available for any consultation you may need.

Project Release

Everything is done only once we have incorporated all the details from your comments and finally you approve the website.

For an aesy administration of your website, we will prepare a PDF manual with many visualizations and detailed information, which will serve as a guide for the administration of your website.

Whether you do business in a trade, hotel, restaurant or real estate, you will be always abel to manage your website comfortably without any programming knowledge.

Web maintenance services

We understand that simply starting the website does not necessarily end it. We exclusively offer our clients follow-up services for the administration and maintenance of the website for a special price. But our team is ready to fully analyse, fix, and continue in maintenance of any website currently in operation.

The world of the web is a dynamic and changing place, if you are looking for a strong partner that is always by your side and solves for you any problems that may arise when updating technologies, our web management service is exactly for you.

We are ready to create
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With our smart solution, you will be able to use a large number of payment gateways, display your menu, receive, process and ship orders!

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Complete web pages for any type of E-Commerce or online store with everything you need to sell online.


Direct reservations, presentation of the rooms, different rates for different months and days.
And much more.

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The first payment of 50% will be made when we have the first version of the page made and ready to present it to you.
This way you can see the results before making the first investment and be 100% sure that your project will be successful.

The entire web will be completely yours, hosted on a server with a domain in your name.
No additional cost, no permanence, no monthly payments

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