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Do you know that you can choose between several online business models?

“Before starting to choose the product you want to offer, it is good to think about what business model better suited to your needs. The sale of own products, the resale of products from other sellers or the drop-off of shipments. ”

How to conduct a market study?

Many people who are starting out know the importance of knowing their market. Many fewer know how should the market study be , what points should it contain. We show you practical examples how to carry out a market study

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How to start selling on the Internet

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    What payment methods do you offer on your website?

    When selecting and implementing payment methods You should not think only about the fees, because you can hide them in the price of the product if you have a sufficient margin. Above all, think about offering the customer the payment methods that suit you best !

    We work with and without Page Builders, Does a web name matter in SEO?

    At the beginning of everything is the name. If you are not creating an online environment for an existing business will have to find an original name . This task is not as complicated as it sounds, it just requires some creativity. Let’s first see what to pay attention to when choosing a name.

    What type of promotion is best for your business?

    However, everything client wants to get the most out of his money , whether you have a budget of € 150 or € 750. This is why it is important that the display and promotion of your product are as good as possible.

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    How to start selling on the Internet

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