Intercom: The Perfect Combination of Automation and Human Customer Service

Intercom is a comprehensive customer service solution powered by artificial intelligence. This platform combines an AI Bot, an AI Help Desk, and Proactive Support, offering a unique solution that allows for keeping costs low, keeping support teams satisfied, and most importantly, ensuring customer satisfaction. The platform is reliable and is used by more than 25,000 companies worldwide.

The core of Intercom is “Fin”, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence bot that can resolve up to 50% of support queries instantly. Fin uses the most advanced AI technology to provide safe and accurate answers, thus reducing the volume of tickets for the support team.

What is it for?

  • AI Help Desk: Intercom has a central workspace that connects the Inbox, Tickets, and Help Center, all powered by artificial intelligence. This integration allows maximizing the productivity and efficiency of the support team. In addition, the shared Inbox is designed for speed, allowing teams to work smarter and collaborate faster.
  • AI Bot: As mentioned earlier, Fin is Intercom’s AI bot that uses cutting-edge technology to provide safe and accurate answers. It also has built-in security measures to ensure that answers are based solely on support content, avoiding incorrect answers or out-of-context conversations.
  • Proactive Support: Intercom allows companies to anticipate their customers’ needs. With tools like automated contextual messages, companies can inform and notify their customers before a need arises. This not only reduces support volume but also improves customer satisfaction.
  • Messaging and Omnichannel: Intercom offers conversational support where it is most effective for customers. With its Messenger, customers can get help at the exact moment they need it. Additionally, with options like email, SMS, and more, customers can choose the channel that best suits their needs.

The digital world has transformed the way we do business. Companies, hotels, restaurants, and real estate agencies have adopted digital platforms to enhance their online presence and provide better customer service. One tool that has proven invaluable in this area is Intercom. Although I couldn’t access the specific use case page for Intercom, I can provide a narrative based on my knowledge of how Intercom can benefit these sectors.

Corporate Websites

In the digital age, businesses face the constant challenge of keeping their customers engaged and satisfied. Intercom, with its combination of live chat, artificial intelligence bots, and proactive support, becomes an essential ally. Businesses can interact in real-time with their customers, resolve doubts instantly, and offer solutions before the customer feels frustrated. Additionally, with the ability to segment and target specific users, companies can personalize their approach and offer promotions or relevant information, enhancing the customer experience and increasing conversions.

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Hotel Websites

The hotel industry is based on providing exceptional experiences to its guests. From the moment a potential guest visits a hotel’s website, their experience must be flawless. Intercom allows hotels to interact with website visitors in real-time, answering questions about availability, services, rates, and more. Additionally, with the proactive support feature, hotels can anticipate guests’ needs, offering special packages or information about local events. This immediate and personalized interaction not only improves customer satisfaction but can also drive direct bookings.

Restaurant Websites

For a restaurant, the first impression often starts online. Whether a potential customer is looking for menus, schedules, or reviews, their experience on the restaurant’s website is crucial. Intercom allows restaurants to offer instant customer service. If a customer has a question about allergen ingredients, reservation availability, or special events, they can get an immediate answer. Additionally, restaurants can use Intercom to promote special offers or upcoming events, creating a deeper connection with their customers and encouraging them to visit the establishment.

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Real Estate Websites

The real estate sector is highly competitive and is based on trust and the relationship between the agent and the client. Real estate agencies can use Intercom to establish that trust from the first online contact. By interacting in real-time with visitors interested in properties, real estate agencies can answer questions, schedule visits, and offer expert advice immediately. Additionally, with segmentation capabilities, real estate agencies can target potential clients with properties that match their interests, thus increasing the chances of a sale or rental.

Let’s imagine an online fashion store called “Estilo Madrid”. This store offers a wide variety of trendy clothing and accessories and has been operating for two years. Although it has had steady growth, the owner, Marta, feels there are opportunities to improve conversions and sales.

Intercom in Action: An Online Fashion Store 

Imagine an online fashion store called “Estilo Madrid”. This store offers a wide variety of clothing and accessories of the latest trend and has been operating for two years. Although it has had steady growth, the owner, Marta, feels there are opportunities to improve conversions and sales.

Current Scenario: Marta has noticed that many visitors abandon their shopping cart without completing the transaction. She also receives frequent emails with questions about sizes, shipping, and returns. Although she tries to respond as quickly as possible, sometimes customers have already left the page before receiving a reply.

Introducing Intercom: Marta decides to implement Intercom on her online store “Estilo Madrid”. Here’s how this tool transforms the shopping experience.

  1. Live Chat: Just when a customer seems indecisive about a purchase, a live chat window appears. “Hello, do you have any questions about that leather jacket?”. The customer, surprised by the immediacy, asks about the sizes. Within seconds, they receive a reply and decide to finalize the purchase.
  2. Smart Bots: At 2 a.m., another customer has a question about shipping time. Although Marta is sleeping, the Intercom bot automatically responds with the shipping information, and the customer, pleased with the speed, decides to buy that dress they had been eyeing for a while.
  3. Proactive Messages: Based on browsing behavior, Intercom displays proactive messages. For example, if a customer has been looking at shoes for a while but hasn’t added any to the cart, a message appears: “Did you know these shoes have a 10% discount today?”. This tactic encourages the customer to take advantage of the offer and make the purchase.

Saving Money and Increasing Conversions:

With Intercom, Marta not only improves the customer experience but also saves money. Previously, she invested in advertising to recover customers who abandoned the cart. Now, with real-time intervention, many customers complete their purchase on their first visit.

Additionally, by reducing the number of support emails and responding to customer questions immediately, Marta can focus on other areas of the business, such as selecting new products or marketing strategies.

The smart bot, which works 24/7, has reduced the need to have a customer service team working at night, resulting in additional savings for “Estilo Madrid”.


In the digital age, where competition is fierce and consumers demand quick and personalized responses, tools like Intercom stand out as essential allies for any online business.

Whether it’s a fashion store, a restaurant, a hotel, or a real estate agency, the ability to interact in real-time with customers can make the difference between a successful sale and a missed opportunity.

Through the example of “Estilo Madrid”, we’ve seen how the proper implementation of these tools not only improves the customer experience but also optimizes business resources, increases conversions, and boosts sales. In summary, in a world where immediacy is key, solutions like Intercom are the perfect bridge between companies and customers, ensuring lasting relationships and prosperous businesses.

Carmen Marín

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