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A website is a prime source of earning bread and butter. No doubt, it’s an opportunity for entrepreneurs to earn respect by staying on top of the competition. Ultimately, it leads to higher profit when more sales come their way. All this is possible when you pay attention to the pace and tempo of your blog. So, there is no way to let the website down due to slow speed. How to make your website faster?

It’s a concern of bloggers, entrepreneurs, and businessmen who take online presence seriously. Further, there are so many ways that can boost the speed of a web page to leave a nice impression on viewers and accelerate revenue at the same time. Let’s talk about page speed first!

What is page speed?

Page speed isn’t a technical term, as you know it’s a process of loading content on the web page. The time your site takes to load is the page speed. The faster it works, the faster it improves the online visibility of your business which builds a good relationship with your viewers. In short, page speed is the “page load time” that how faster it displays the information to the visitors.

A lot of ways are available to measure the speed. Additionally, Google PageSpeed insights can guide new users regarding speed analysis and its overall performance. Hence, you get a chance to accelerate the loading time using speed metrics. Google follows its own process to measure the overall performance of a web page.

As you know, a specific algorithm is used when search engine bots crawl the index pages to make it work faster. The bots crawl faster when the page load time is superb. On the contrary, the crawling speed gets lower when the site loads too slowly. Resultantly, it increases the bounce rate and can badly affect the indexation.

Factors that can enhance website speed

Want to improve website speed? There are two major factors that go hand in hand with site speed and performance. One is the user experience and the second is the search engine optimization. First, you need to learn SEO best practices that can help you fix this speed issue. Let’s talk about some best SEO practices that have a strong connection with the loading time.

Here are some interesting SEO practices that can improve the user experience and the load time of your website!

Enable compression

If you are to load CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files with more than 150bytes, ensure that you reduce the size of the files before uploading them to the web page. The use of Gzip software can do a great job here. Make sure you use it for compressing the images to keep a check on the quality of the photos. It’s a recommended optimization technique that SEO experts have to keep in mind.

Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML

Are you looking at ways to improve website speed? You can find several SEO techniques that can help you with better speed. However, code optimization is one of the techniques that experts practice for a better pace. They eliminate commas, spaces, and other characters to speed up the loading time. Further, they also remove unnecessary codes and fix the formats as per the recommendations of Google.

Save loading Time by reducing redirects

As per the latest optimization instructions, web developers and SEO specialists need to be aware of the redirects. If your site redirects, it can surely slow down the performance and loading speed frustrating viewers that open your link.

Whenever your page redirects, it can waste a lot of time for users. How can you fix this problem? You may fix it by getting in touch with the hosting service provider. Maybe the problem arises due to the inefficient working of SSL certificates. You have better get it checked to speed up the page load time.

Block JavaScript

If you want to improve website speed and want to know basic things to do so, you need to block JavaScript to enhance the speed. Google recommends the minimum usage of JavaScript for the sake of improving loading speed.

Set Expiration for Cache

It is everyone’s dream to maximize the speed of a site. Unfortunately, the cache problems can create hurdles when visitors open the link. They often face issues due to the extra burden of JavaScript files and images that are of no use.

Therefore, the best is to set an expiration for the cache to fix the loading issues. The use of tools can help you set the cache expiration no matter if you change the site design or not, it won’t affect the speed. Google always provides information to users when they want to leverage the cache.

Fix Server Response time

If you are to fix the server response time, you can quickly get rid of the load time that frustrates you when you open a link. Therefore, a user should understand this problem, as the site speed goes down when you receive more traffic.

However, the best hosting services can help you fix this minor problem. With this, you can receive maximum queries and responses that won’t affect the speed and performance of your blog. It’s an optimization technique that one can’t ignore for getting an amazing response from the viewers.

Distribute the content load on the website

Want to improve website speed for a long time to facilitate your viewers? You have better distribute the content load on your website. The use of CDN (content distribution network) is the strategy to use here. It is a content delivery network that can distribute your web content to divide the load on the server. Therefore, the implementation of content delivery can improve great user experience and improves page loading.

Optimize Web Images

An SEO specialist is always aware of the web optimization process. Remember, image optimization is a must for increasing the online presence and speed of a site. The use of images has a great impact on web pages, as heavier photos lead to slow page loading and need an instant solution.

If your site has got PNG and JPEG images, make sure the size is compressed. Remember, compressed and optimized images can speed up the performance that every individual expects.

The above-mentioned techniques are helpful for those who are facing site loading issues. Let’s find out more technical terms that readers should understand to enhance site speed. For this TTFB comes into play.

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What is TTFB?

TTFB is better known as the time to the first byte. It is a way to measure the performance of the browser that how long it takes to receive the first byte of data. Servers send data to browsers for better display and to improve the speed at the same moment.

The delay in receiving data bytes can delay the response time and speed. Therefore, the calculation of TTFB is a must to add up data and enhances the display. To make things understand better, here are the three easy steps to know the working of time to the first byte.

Make Request to Server

If you wish to improve website speed, you need to make an HTTP request to the server. It can make a massive contribution with regards to improving the speed of the server and loading speed. With this, you can see an increase in speed, and viewers don’t have to wait long to see the display.

Server Processing Stage

After you have made the request, the next is to figure out the delay in server processing. The delay might occur due to excessive third-party scripts, insufficient databases, wrong codes, and memory full issues. However, the server processing stage should be processed correctly to avoid speed issues.

Check Client Response

The next crucial process is to go through client response. However, network speed also matters in this stage, as the request you make goes back to the client to enhance the entire speed. No doubt, the slow network speed can affect the internet speed too, so get the response at the right time to boost the site speed.

Important Ways to Make Website Faster

If you are to find ways to make website speed faster, follow these effective tips to make a difference just to improve website speed.

Bring the Best WordPress Hosting Plan

For providing a better user experience regarding speed and display, one needs to buy a professional WordPress hosting plan to reduce TTFB. Furthermore, you can go through the top-notch hosting providers using Google Cloud Data. With a dedicated server, you can reduce the time to the first byte to 15%. Many users go with shared hosting plans that often affect the performance of a site.

It’s a mistake that creates so many hurdles. Looking at this particular mistake, the dedicated hosting plan seems to be the fittest choice. You can upload maximum content and images on the site with the use of a dedicated hosting plan. Indeed, it’s a reliable way to experience awesome speed. The hosting plan always decides the fortune of a website regarding speed and user experience.

Implement Content Delivery Network

If you are up for a dedicated hosting plan, the next thing is to focus on the CDN to reduce TTFB. The location also plays its role in the utilization of the content delivery network. It reduces the load time when you take a regular test to accelerate the web tempo.

Many users prefer Cloudflare to reduce this time to the first byte for better speed and progress. Cloudflare provides full security to sites and many content delivery networks lack this feature. Therefore, site speed optimization is a must that offers long-term benefits to users when they are concerned about the loading speed.

WordPress Caching

With the proper implementation of CDN, WordPress caching is the ultimate solution to boost website speed. For sure, it decreases the load time and never frustrates viewers. For the most part, you can find quick changes in the server processing. It decreases to a great extent and users feel satisfied with the performance.

Use Premium DNS Providers for Better Reach

WordPress caching is not the final solution, you need to implement the premium DNS providers to reduce TTFB. The calculation process isn’t easy, but a user can identify the destination using premium DNS lookups. Many experts make smart use of DNS speed test tools with the use of premium DNS providers. It’s a mind-blowing procedure that can improve website speed as per your desires.

Use Plugins for WP Sites

Along with the uses of DNS lookups, you also need to work on plugins specifically for WP sites. Some plugins extra burden on the server by creating unnecessary files that take up space and increase the bounce rate. No user wants to go through load time, whereas the most significant thing is to ignore plugins that are useless.

For better reach, you also need to avoid the Google Analytics plugin, as it is heavy for hosting. Rather than using this plugin, you can go with a tracking code that works the same as Google Analytics. Using this strategy, you can provide a remarkable experience to your visitors that appear on your website.

Bring User-friendly and Compressed Images

We’ve already discussed the importance of compressed images for a website. If you are looking for a user-friendly website that loads up faster, then images contribute a lot to providing a sensational user experience at the time of loading. Therefore, the use of attractive and friendly photos with reduced size always looks adorable. For sure, you can boost the loading time to not make your viewers wait. This process is so effective for web owners and visitors.


As per the above discussion, every user wants to improve website speed. We have gone through some logical points to bring a rapid improvement in site performance and quick loading. Impressively, it’s a valid solution for web owners to follow the instructions to reduce the loading speed. Following this, you have an opportunity to make the website faster for users.

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