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Selling property via the web has its perks and challenges. On one hand, you can appeal to a wider audience and draw in leads through targeted marketing. But then again, with so many vendors out there, it can be hard to stand out as the best possible option for aspiring homeowners. While having a website in and of itself is a step in the right direction, real estate web design must be compelling and offer maximum UI/UX capabilities to site visitors.

Accommodating visitors is as important for business as it is ultimately for those who end up buying or renting a home. Good looking web pages are important, but site owners must also emphasize practicality and explore all options in terms of facilitating navigation and interactions.

These efforts don’t just boost recognition, but also traffic and revenue while providing a significant advantage in terms of SEO.

Must Have Features for Real Estate Web Pages

For any corporate web page or business profile, making a good first impression is vital for landing conversions. To achieve that, the need to balance style and substance is of the utmost importance.

Having valuable information and a product that you trust is just the start when it comes to any real estate venture. To take advantage of it, the aim is to utilize your assets and brand recognition, and market them through state-of-the-art web development.

Stunning Real Estate Web Design

While operating a business online has its benefits, it is important to note that viewing property listings is not something that customers take lightly. Visiting an online dealership is like visiting the actual location for some buyers and should be treated as such through appropriate real estate web design measures.

Websites can impress viewers with splendid color schemes, luxurious fonts, and a proper website structure complete with animations, clear functions, and well-managed website performance. With that achieved, your chances of soliciting viable leads will increase exponentially.

Professional Photography

Visual marketing is one of the most effective ways by which businesses can offer an authentic glimpse of what they are offering. But for real estate brokerages, grainy, low quality images don’t tell the whole story, and what they do convey isn’t always the most flattering message.

Instead, investing in high definition video and images taken with professional grade equipment shines a more favorable light on your property, and is a critical aspect of creative real estate web design. These images and videos can serve as custom backgrounds for landing pages, as well as the highlights of each new listing and opening.

Profound Content

Site visitors must feel that their needs are met through your website’s various features and content. To do that, you need to supplement your crisp interface with robust design features geared towards improving customer experience.

In real estate web design, calls-to-action (CTAs) play an important role in driving meaningful interactions. However, not everyone will visit your website to buy something, and forcing them to do so from the get-go won’t come off particularly well.

Instead, you can encourage visitors to download a brochure, peruse through testimonials, watch videos, and engage in other activities without forcing them to commit to a purchase before enabling access to other features.

What this does is allow undecided visitors to gradually gain more interest, until they are ready to make the call and confirm that they are interested in a booking or in-person visit. This approach to landing deals isn’t the fastest, but it is one of the most effective at granting results.

Interactive Features

Engaging viewers with dynamic features and real time web highlights is a great way to boost organic traffic. These include live tours, interactive maps, FAQ sections, and informative reviews.

Detailed Information on your Real Estate Web

Sometimes, people who are actively looking for listings are hesitant because they cannot find the right home or location, or there simply isn’t enough data to allow educated decision-making. Fortunately, informative real estate web design can save the day.

We’ve already discussed the importance of having images of your property. You can also enlighten viewers with details like the type of properties on offer, rooms, utilities, pricing, and neighboring facilities like transport, hospitals, schools, markets, and other useful details.

Real-Eastside Portal

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Advanced Search

After adding certain information to your listings, as well as reviews and location details, you can adjust the tags associated with each opening. With that, each listing can become easier to locate. As for the mechanism for retrieving results, you cannot go wrong with a properly put-together search feature.

Needless to say, unlike online stores, real estate web pages cater to very specific needs. Hence, their search engines need to have the appropriate settings. The best option is to implement a customizable, multi-faceted search feature with different filters.

This feature should let buyers sort through options based on budget, nearby locations, property type, and other preferences. Comprehensive searches are an all-important part of user-oriented real estate web design, and are a godsend when it comes to navigating through pages.

10 Examples of Real Estate Web Design You Might Find Interesting

Unbridled creativity doesn’t come naturally to all business owners, nor are all of them great at communicating their needs to web designers.

Fortunately, examples of quality websites are everywhere on the internet. By going through some cases, property owners can get some idea as to what their real estate web design needs or vision might be missing.

The following are a few such examples of accomplish web page optimization for guaranteed results.

1. Property Vision

Screen of Real Estate Web


Based in: England, UK

The landing page of this London-based dealership isn’t big on diverse color palettes, but that is just a branding choice which, as you can see, can still deliver when done tastefully.

What’s even more amazing is how the landing page is full of smooth animations, snippets of crisp snapshots, and persuasive CTAs. If you’re not interested in buying anything immediately, that’s okay. You can download brochures, look at news stories and press releases, or visit the about us page for some interesting reads.

The menu icon on the top right allows you to enable or disable headers and footers for added features like complaint sections, social links, and additional menus. Truly a masterclass in simple yet elegant and user-focused real estate web design.

2. Oxford Properties


Based in: Ontario, Canada

This website capitalizes on a simpler interface. That being said, it doesn’t compromise when it comes to high definition images and compelling video ads embedded as links from their YouTube channel.

What’s truly amazing about this site is how the content on each individual page as well as sets of multiple web pages are arranged in menus.

If you’re interested in buying, the “featured properties” section allows you to go through your options and choose from desired listings in select locations in North America.

3.   Dirk Stone

Real Estate Web window


Based in: Michigan, USA

Once again, the limited use of base colors isn’t a bad thing when it comes to branding. Especially when you pair the color scheme with a video ad running in the background of your landing page, with a well-written company introduction greeting visitors front and center.

As you scroll down, animated CTAs allow you to learn more about selling and buying property, followed by listings, help forms, staff profiles, testimonials and more. As real estate web design goes, it’s all simple yet straightforward and allows users to make good use of their time to interact as they please.

4. Ginger Martin

Real Estate Web front-page


Based in: California, USA

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make a lasting first impression. A crisp video tour of locations and indoor facilities behind sharp, well-contrasted fonts.

Furthermore, you’ll find everything important in the front page, from CTAs to press features, blog section, business partners, testimonials, and loads more. The animations are smooth and the interface allows for effective navigation.

5. Villa Lion View

Real Estate Web video


Based in: Cape Town, South Africa

If you’re selling high-end, luxurious villa properties, you need real estate web design with opulence to match. Case in point, it seems that the use of a professionally filmed video teaser as the backdrop of your landing page is as great an idea as they come. But here, that’s merely the beginning.

Smooth animations and clear, HD photographs document the many highs of this dealership and its various extravagant listings. Fine dining, golf courses, and exuberant suites just some of the highlights you can enjoy.

If you’re interested in a limited stay, the front page features a booking option where you can enter your ideal window and number of guests, followed by further details as necessary.

6. 1OAK Realty Solution

landing page Real Estate Web


Based in: Kingston, Jamaica

Another great example of simplicity married with stunning visuals and smooth design; this website shows how to use contrasting designs to place pertinent content exactly where it needs to be to catch the visitor’s eyes.

 Aside from the menus in the header and the slideshow of featured and recent openings, the main thing that grabs your attention is the search mechanism at the center of the screen. Here, you can look for offers or make selections by choosing from multiple parameters until you have all the ingredients for the perfect house.

7. Sotheby’s International Realty

beautiful Real Estate Web


Based in: Worldwide Franchise

To effectively sell luxury premises in locations worldwide, you need real estate web design that has universal appeal. And this website certainly has appeal that translates well, and we’re not just talking about the multilingual and multi currency options available via “Preferences” in the top right.

With bold colors, animations, and stunning videos on the landing page, this site truly features and promises services fit for a king.

Again, if you’re not interested in buying or selling, there’s still much to see. If you are interested, the search feature is location-based, allowing you to look for openings in your vicinity.

8. Mark Spain Real Estate

example of Real Estate Web


Based in: USA

Here we see site design that conveys homeliness through an ergonomic color scheme that is as easy on the eyes as it is sophisticated. This merger of comfort and style is a great approach to real estate web design. If you’re still unsure, the long list of positive testimonials as you scroll down the landing page should be reassuring enough.

Besides that, there’s the usual utilization of videos and animations, but also with minimalist graphics and visible links to social profiles and associated reviews. Meanwhile, the bold, hierarchical text offers ease of use with a sense of gravitas that all businesses should strive for.

9. Century 21 Real Estate

Real Estate Web in USA


Based in: USA

Another global player, this seller also caters to a widespread audience through comprehensive site translation. Aside from that, the unique combination of warm palettes and photos with matching schemes makes a statement and demands attention.

The landing page features an architecture of consistently designed sections with CTAs that make excellent use of space while getting the message across. There is no shortage of features for casual visitors, but the sporadic arrangement of content prevents clutter.

Meanwhile, even if you’re not in the mood to buy, sell, or explore mortgage deals, the options to do so occupy the header where they are easy to spot if you change your mind.

10. Metrovacesa

Real Estate Web in Spanish


Based in: Madrid, Spain

Here, the focus of real estate web design seems to be around enthusiastic buyers, but if you’re confident, such a bold step might not be the worst idea. Plus, with such bold visuals like the ones you meet on this landing page, the chances of landing conversions are anything but zero.

Being based in Spain, versions of this website are available in English, Spanish, and Catalan. But while the text might adopt a different tongue, the stunning visuals speak the same language of undiluted promise and luxury.

The use of space, bold fonts, and sparse animations gives a sense of a restrained but nonetheless encouraging vision. Here, visitors receive the option to look through openings, contact staff, and get to know more about the company and its goals and eco-friendly initiatives.

Takeaway on Real Estate Web Design

Splurging on a well-designed website for property viewings is an admirable and viable instinct. But effective real estate web design is supposed to be inviting, comfortable, and littered with utilities, just like the real thing.

As we’ve seen, balancing minimalist, brand-centric design with luxurious content and quality photography delivered through silky animations is a particular favorite among top real estate sellers. And as you’ll have no doubt noticed from the reviews, it seems to have yielded significant results.

With these examples, you should now have a much better idea of designing a digital brokerage. If not, expert designers like the ones at WeLoveWeb will have you covered.

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