The power of Card Sorting in information organization

In the information age, order and organization are key to data usability and accessibility. Card Sorting has become a popular technique to help companies design and organize information efficiently. What is Card Sorting? What is it for? How can it be applied in different situations? In this article, we will explore these questions and more.

What is Card Sorting?

Card Sorting is a research technique used to explore how people group, sort and label information. Participants are presented with a set of cards representing different categories of information, and are asked to group and label them according to their own preferences and logic.

There are two main types of Card Sorting: open and closed. Open Card Sorting is one in which the participant is given total freedom to group the cards according to his or her criteria. On the other hand, closed Card Sorting provides predefined categories, and participants are asked to sort the cards according to these categories.

The technique is used both in the design of web sites and in the organization of information in general. It is usually done with groups of participants, who collaborate to create an effective organization of information.

What is Card Sorting for?

Card Sorting is used for a wide variety of purposes in the organization and design of information. Some of the main benefits of the technique include:

Identify organizational patterns

Card Sorting allows companies to identify how users think about information and how they organize it in their minds. By analyzing organizational patterns, companies can create an effective organization of information that is intuitive to users.

Improve website navigation

Effective organization of information also improves website navigation. By understanding how users think about information, companies can create a navigation structure that is easy to follow and in line with how users search for information.

Identify new opportunities

Card Sorting can also help identify new opportunities for the organization and presentation of information. By understanding how users think about information, companies can find new ways to present information that are more effective and engaging.

Reduce development costs

Effective organization of information can also reduce development costs by ensuring that the Web site or application is designed more effectively from the start.

Examples of Card Sorting in practice

Below are some examples of how Card Sorting can be applied in different situations.

Web site design

Card Sorting is a technique commonly used in web site design. In this case, it can be used to determine the navigation structure of the website. It can be done through an online or in-person tool, where users can drag and drop cards to create categories. This helps determine how users think about information and how to organize it effectively to create easy and accessible navigation.

Organization of information

Card Sorting can also be used to organize information in general, such as documents, files and databases. In this case, participants can sort the information into different categories and labels to help create a more effective organization.

Product design

Card Sorting can also be used in product design to help designers understand how users think about different aspects of the product. For example, participants can classify a product’s features into different categories to help designers create a more intuitive and effective user interface.


In summary, Card Sorting is a powerful technique that can help companies design and organize information effectively. By understanding how users think about information, companies can create an intuitive organization that improves Web site navigation and reduces development costs.

Card Sorting can be applied in a variety of situations, from website design to information organization and product design. While there are different types of Card Sorting, the important thing is to find the right technique for your particular situation and work with groups of participants to create an effective organization of information.

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