Permalink: Your Website’s Permanent URL

The permalink is a term used in website creation and refers to the permanent URL of a page or blog post on the site. In this article, we will explore what a permalink is, what it is used for and some examples of its application in different contexts.

What is a permalink

A permalink is a permanent URL that points to a specific page on a website, such as a blog post or product page. The term “permalink” is derived from the phrase “permanent link” and is used to distinguish permanent URLs from dynamic or temporary URLs, which may change over time.

Permalinks usually include keywords describing the content of the page and their structure may vary depending on the website creation platform used.

What is a permalink for?

Permalinks are important for search engine optimization (SEO), as they provide a permanent and easy-to-understand URL for users and search engines. By using permalinks, companies and bloggers can:

  • Improve website navigation: By using permalinks, users can access specific pages of a website quickly and easily.
  • Search engine optimization: Permalinks can help improve a website’s search engine ranking by providing a friendly, easy-to-understand URL.
  • Improve user experience: Permalinks allow users to easily share the link to a specific page, which improves user experience and increases brand visibility.

Examples of permalinks in different contexts

Here are some examples of how permalinks are used in different contexts:

  • Blogging: In a blog, each post has its own permalink pointing to the specific post. Permalinks usually include the title of the entry and a description of the content.
  • E-commerce: In an e-commerce site, each product has its own permalink pointing to the specific product page. Permalinks usually include the product name and a short description.
  • Landing pages: On a landing page, the permalink points to the specific page that is used for advertising or marketing. Permalinks usually include the name of the offer or product.


In short, permalinks are an important part of website creation, as they provide a permanent and easy-to-understand URL for users and search engines. Permalinks improve website navigation, optimize for search engines and enhance the user experience. By using permalinks in different contexts, companies and bloggers can improve their brand visibility and attract new customers.

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