The Art of Nature

The innovative flower wholesaler offers a revolutionary solution to their client’s floral needs, providing an unprecedented way to promptly deliver exquisite blooms to customers.


With an extensive selection of floral products and seamless, hassle-free delivery services, they elevate their client’s business efficiency and reliability.


Bloei’s flowers, resembling works of art from nature, are readily accessible to a worldwide audience through the wholesaler’s user-friendly online catalog.


What WeLoveWeb brought to life:

Web Design, Web Development, On-line Catalog, Holded Connection


Deep black


Golden yellow


Silver moon

In the initial stages of our project, we engaged in detailed discussions with the client who expressed the need to develop a website for their flower-selling business. The client emphasized that the website should function primarily as a comprehensive catalog rather than a conventional online store, catering predominantly to their wholesale customers. This requirement steered our focus towards designing a user-friendly interface that facilitates easy navigation while showcasing their primary product – flowers.


Understanding that the essence of the business lies in the romantic appeal of flowers, we consciously chose a color palette that was soft and delicate, aligning with the romantic theme of the products. To add a unique touch and to resonate with the client’s brand identity, we incorporated elliptical shapes into the design. These ellipses, a significant element of the client’s logo, symbolize diversity, accessibility, and a sense of lightness – mirroring the ethos of the brand.


For the typography, we decided on sans-serif fonts, known for their readability and modern appeal. This strategic blend of decorative elements and practical design choices culminated in an online platform that is not only highly functional and user-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing, striking a perfect balance between professionalism and creativity.


Designer, WeLoveWeb


Bloei’s unique selling point lies in its extensive product range, featuring a vast catalog of hundreds, if not thousands, of items. These products are meticulously categorized based on various attributes, such as size, diameter, country of origin, and more, to facilitate easy navigation and selection.


Given the nature of Bloei’s business, primarily serving wholesale customers, pricing confidentiality was paramount. Wholesale pricing, sensitive by nature, needed to be shielded from public view to maintain the integrity of business transactions. To address this, we developed a tailored solution where product prices are exclusively visible to authenticated users. Additionally, new users undergo a vetting process, requiring administrative approval before they gain full access to the website. This strategic approach ensures that Bloei maintains absolute control over who can view detailed product information, including prices, and who can execute purchases.


We have extensively customized the entire catalog to enhance user experience and operational efficiency. This customization includes sophisticated filters, streamlined registration confirmation functionalities, and the integration of specific fiscal requirements like the Recargo de Equivalencia—a unique tax regulation in Spain. These enhancements, along with other added features, significantly elevate the functionality and user-friendliness of Bloei’s catalog, catering specifically to their unique business needs and clientele.


Project Manager, WeLoveWeb

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