How To Become a best WordPress Developer

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WordPress has been hailed as the most powerful content management systems (CMS) available to the public, and remains a frontrunner among commercial website platforms. But what does it take to learn how to become a wordpress developer?

When’s the Best Time to Learn WordPress?

In terms of deciding when to start using WordPress, it’s up to aspiring web designers themselves to choose the right time for themselves. At the end of the day, there is no reason to install the application on their system right away and start working. But still, you might be unsure as to how you should start.

If you’re worried about the time you’ll have to make, you can base your decision to choose a course on difficulty. Beginners courses can take around two weeks where you can familiarize yourself with the basics of what WordPress can allow you to do. If you know nothing about web design, this is a great way to start if you’re interested.

For those already familiar with the basics of website creation, it’s worth mentioning that the more advanced courses that teach WordPress web design can take several months, depending on what they cover. We’ll go into detail about which option might work for you, but it’s clear that this route is for dedicated aspirants looking to break into e-commerce.

Aside from such individual restrictions, there really is no bad time to start learning web design. If you’re simply concerned that you’re not cut out for it or if you cannot quite explain your hesitation, giving WordPress a chance can be a fairly beneficial undertaking.

Why You Should Get into WordPress RIGHT NOW!

There are more than a few reasons why prospective WordPress is the ideal too for digital marketing enthusiasts and site owners. For now, we’ll go through two key reasons why amateur developers should make use of it.

It’s Open Source and Affordable

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Getting to know how different applications can improve their daily life is a chance people often pass due to the price tags or the lack of a free version. Being available for free without restricting all of its most comprehensive features to pro users is why WordPress has the appeal that it does.

If you’re simply interested in starting a blog or educational/entertaining website, it’s a treasure-trove of opportunity. But it’s also ideal if you intend to qualify for revenue online, thanks to WooCommerce (WP’s dedicated WordPress plugin) also being open source.

This extension is also downloadable to your computer and can be used for all sorts of commercial applications without costing you, especially if you’re just there to learn.  Even if you do encounter some costs, like for site hosting, WordPress pricing plans are largely affordable compared to most alternatives, making it perfect for small businesses.

It’s User-Oriented

While website building can be a complicated undertaking, few platforms are as scalable and rewarding as WordPress. For one thing, the degree of customizability is out of this world. Not only do you get the choice of countless themes and plugins to choose from, but the ability to implement tailored modifications via coding is a phenomenal benefit.

Plus, WordPress is also known for promoting creative freedom to designers and developers as well. On top of allowing them to experiment freely, this enables digital creators to explore out-of-the-box e-commerce and WordPress web design solutions for clients.

And what’s more is that this platform is incredibly easy to understand, use, and master, even for newbies. Everything from creating a profile and performing updates to website modifications, backups, implementing add-ons, and other tasks is more or less doable regardless of your skillset.

Some of the more advanced techniques might require a more complex learning curve, but it’s still worth a try. No other platform offers such convenience for bloggers, e-store owners, online services, and other site owners.

Course Options – Which Is Right for You?

Choosing a course based on difficulty is entirely based on you, the amount of time you have, and how willing you are to dedicate it to learning web design. But beside that, the demand for lessons, workshops, and educational programs has turned the teaching of WordPress skills into something of an economy in and of itself.

Again, it’s up to you how you want to go about enrolling in any course. Different choices work best for different people. For the moment there are two types of courses based on how they are being provided.

  1. Tutorial-style Online Courses
  2. Live Courses

Online Courses to be a WordPress Developer

These are courses where people are informed on a subject through pre-recorded, tutorial-like lectures. For learning WordPress web design, this is a worthwhile, often freely available option. Many courses offer step-by-step guides, themed lectures, and troubleshooting tips through this medium of teaching.

While this isn’t the only way to educate oneself on the internet, these courses are pretty much always a web-based option. If you’re hoping to cover a variety of subjects, the diversity is there. From plugin development to interface design to best WordPress practices for e-commerce sites.

For both advanced and low-skilled learners, these courses offer comprehensive guidance, advice, and simple information. That said, if you’re not feeling committed to your learning experience, online courses are much easier to cancel, particularly the free one.

Aside from YouTube, some sites that offer courses of this variety include Coursera, LinkedIn, and Udemy.

Live Courses

Rather than opt for pre-recorded lectures, learning web design on WordPress is alternatively achievable through seminars, online classes, or in-person tutoring. They cover the same concepts disseminated through pre-recorded lectures from start to finish in a more hands-on learning environment.

Here, individuals can sign up for hosted classes or hire seasoned experts for private coaching either on or off the web. Most such courses are not free and are better suited for devoted web design enthusiasts.

Additionally, these courses offer a chance to connect with your fellow digital aficionados and improve your chances of learning by exchanging views, knowledge, opinions, experiences, and aspirations.

Which Is the Better Option?

Both recorded and live courses are great options for those willing to know more about WordPress web design in detail. However, for substantial results, you need to really weigh your options here.

We discussed earlier how, on top of being free of charge, most online courses don’t require that learners stick to the end if they lose interest.  That’s all well and good, but web design for commercial applications is too promising a field to not show some level of commitment, and most developers know that.

On that note, live courses are by far the superior option if you’re serious about learning lucrative web design. Firstly, the ability to interact offers a sense of community or a personal feel which makes your venture more worthwhile.

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Secondly, pre-taped videos cover a lot of things, but they might leave out or gloss over stuff out as well. Some lecturers might rectify this by responding to feedback and answering questions via DMs or public comments.

However, live classes provide an interactive, holistic learning environment covering topics in extensive detail. If any confusion arises or if someone has an interesting question or proposal, they can seek help much more readily and help others enlighten themselves in the process too.

All in all, this translates into a learning opportunity that helps cover all the bases needed for ambitious developers to apply their knowledge in a practical setting. So, if you’re aiming for a prospective career in web design, or even if you can simply afford them, in-person coaching is the superior option for learning WordPress web design.

WordPress developer for Beginners – What to Expect

WordPress allows new learners to delve into a lot of capabilities without going too in-depth or advanced. If you’re reasonably familiar with how computers or the internet works, beginners’ training courses still offer a great deal to those learning web design.

Getting Started

First and foremost, your job is to download the WordPress application to your computer and run WordPress on your localhost (computer) before you will register your domain and webhosting.

Some courses begin with questionnaires asking people about their experience with the platform or with web development in general. In online courses, you might get a form, whereas in-person courses achieve this with interactive Q/A sessions.

You can also learn to create a preliminary homepage for your site or blog. Plus, you will see a glossary of common terms used among WordPress creators and developers. This will help accustom you with some of the jargon and avoid confusion as the lectures go on.

Go Through the Basics

wordpress developer learning

Once you’ve installed WordPress to your Desktop, you get to learn about the very basics of constructing a website. Courses that detail the use of “block” editors like Gutenberg detail the use of content and layout for a lovely web design. Meanwhile, you can also study the various themes and templates and how to implement them to your web pages.

You can go through the different custom plugins or extensions that you might find helpful for your site. A media library is also available for account owners, allowing them to manage their various images, videos, and other files during the process of site development.

Crafting Your Pages

The ability to customize your website is one of the key aspects of learning web design on the content management system (CMS) of your choice. WordPress for beginners informs users how to become experts in managing posts, pages, and picture files.

Simple things like scheduling a post, managing excerpts, using tags, optimizing files, and modifying page structures are important to know of. Despite being the fundamentals of WordPress design, features like these don’t just help creators curate a good-looking site, but also boost its performance and visibility on the web. For commercial sites and fundamental on-site SEO, these are vital.

It’s Not Much, But It’s a Start

With beginners’ courses, you only get to scratch the surface of what WordPress makes you capable of. Nonetheless, even without advanced skills, you are still at a significant advantage after going through these courses than you were before.

First and foremost, your path to creating a basic but nonetheless engaging site or blog is much clearer. Even if these are new to you, your own inherent grasp of concepts as a creative individual can be instrumental in getting you ahead and helping you learn new things.

But more importantly, absorbing the basics now prepared you for the next phase of your journey learning WordPress web design.

Advanced Courses – Getting into Serious Business

Once you’ve mastered the less complicated aspects of web design, advanced coaching can help you get into the nitty gritty of WordPress. While beginner-level training helps refine your knowledge of the basics, this stage will now make or break your willingness to explore the essentials of web design in depth.

Depending on who is offering them or what they aim to teach, advanced courses can cover a variety of things. Some of the subjects discussed here include:

  • Web design through coding
  • WordPress APIs
  • WooCommerce for business sites
  • Programming languages (PHP, JavaScript, CSS, etc. and which is right for you)
  • Hosting solutions for commercial and non-commercial websites
  • Custom plugin and theme creation
  • Advanced SEO features
  • Bespoke post and page creation
  • Website security (SSL certification)

If you wish to specialize, you can opt for any one of these. But for thoroughly learning web design, it’s best to go through them in the appropriate order and realize that this will require much more of your time and energy.

The Job Prospects of WordPress Courses

The key objective of being briefed on WordPress skills and knowledge is to apply them in practical situations. The market for such skills is immense, especially for advanced developers.

Both design agencies and corporate clients are looking for experts to become a part of their team. Jobs offered to WordPress specialists include areas of contribution, content management, and web design. Even those with basic skills can become part of agencies like WeLoveWeb where they can refine their capabilities and get paid for their work.

Alternatively, bloggers with less seasoned skills can earn revenues by posting product reviews, discussing e-commerce trends, and gaining enough followers to earn the interest of commercial partners and afford their own path to improving their skills.

Final Thoughts

Depending on how committed you are, both basic and progressive courses in web development can help improve your standing in e-commerce spaces. But with WordPress, there is no reason to not start learning web design right away.

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