6 Ways to Get Excited for Your Next Sales Call

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As an introvert by nature, I had some trouble getting my sales career off the ground. It took me a long time, but as much as I struggled to get my bearings on my calls, I didn’t let my nerves get the best of me.

I researched, came to understand my business, practiced, listened to my managers, tried, failed, and tried some more until I finally found my footing. And once I got to that pace, I started consistently meeting or exceeding the quota and never looked back.

There are certain tips and tricks any rep can employ to get the most out of their sales calls, and in this article, I’ll share a few with you.

How to get excited about your sales call

1. Do your research

Have you ever felt so prepared going into a meeting or call that you know you’re going to get crushed? That confidence and enthusiasm come from pre-planning – the bread and butter of successful salespeople.

Before you make a call, set aside some time to learn more about your prospect. Create a plan that outlines exactly how your offer is a solution to their problems and be the trusted expert who can help make their lives easier.

As you research, look for reasons to be excited about your next call. Do you have shared interests? Are you talking to a company in an innovative and exciting industry? Try to understand who you are talking to, you never know what you may find!

2. Be an expert

In addition to knowing your potential customer, know what your offer does inside and out. (Literally) it pays to know every little nuance about what makes your product or service the best fit for the person you’re talking to and how it differs from similar solutions.

I used to dread talking on the phone in the first few days of starting a sales position. But as I learned more about my industry, product, and the value we could bring, I felt much more confident. The calls became exciting when I finally learned that I was fully equipped to address concerns and answer even the most technical questions.

3. Make you laugh and smile

Didn’t you get enough sleep last night? Do you know that the prospect on this call will be harsh and abrasive? Do you have a calendar of back-to-back meetings? Prepare yourself by putting yourself in a positive, energized frame of mind.

Do the things that make you happy or turn you on. Nothing is off the table! Listen to upbeat music. Look in the mirror and make stupid faces, or even eat your favorite dessert! Just do whatever gets you in the mood to be positive, helpful, and focused.

4. Get up, walk around and use your nonverbals

Regardless of whether you’re talking to someone via video or phone call, get up, walk around, and use positive body language. For one, standing gets your blood flowing, relative to sitting, which helps you think clearly and focus on the conversation. Second, over 70% of communication comes from our nonverbals, and neglecting this fact on a call can be disastrous.

It doesn’t matter if a potential customer sees you or not. There will always be a subconscious alert in their heads, telling them something is wrong when we don’t act as we speak. Use your hands to convey meaning and always speak to someone as if they were sitting across from you.

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5. Look at the plants right before connecting with someone

Okay, I know this one sounds a bit weird, but hear me out! Sometimes we end up too excited for a call, to the point where we start to feel tense and anxious.

We all want to do a great job, move our prospects to the next step, close deals, etc. But sometimes we get carried away and end up getting into this hole of overthinking the situation.

Enter the plants, the medicine of nature. Nature and greenery have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as boost mood and creativity. Does that sound like something that would help you squash a sales call? If you are a believer, look out the window at some trees or the plant on your desk just before you get that call. It works a lot for me personally and I have some in my office.

6. Breathe

Calls can be stressful, especially with larger clients or when there’s a massive deal. In situations like that, you need to clear your mind and breathe. When our breathing is irregular or shallow, sometimes unconsciously, we cut off the resource that allows our brain to function at peak performance.

What I’m saying here is that a quick 30-second meditation can be key to jumping into that call with your game face on. So close your eyes, take a deep, thoughtful breath, then answer that call with a clear mind.

LeBron James put it best: When he was on the sidelines at halftime during the NBA Finals, he wasn’t thinking about the game he loved and knew like the back of his hand. Instead, he meditated to get his mind straight before returning to the ground.

Now, this list of tips is far from exhaustive, and you may have a routine of your own for preparing yourself before a call. Still, I can attest to the techniques detailed in this article. They have worked for me, and if you give them a try, I bet they will work for you.

Carmen Marín

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