Subscriber: What is it and how does it work in the ecommerce world?

Subscriber: What is it and how does it work in the ecommerce world?

The world of ecommerce has expanded exponentially in recent years and more and more strategies are being used to attract customers and build customer loyalty. One of these strategies is the use of subscribers, a concept that has become very popular in the digital world. In this article, we will delve into what a subscriber is and how it works in the ecommerce world.

What is a subscriber?

A subscriber is a person who has signed up for an online store’s mailing list to receive news, promotions and exclusive content. In other words, a subscriber is someone who has voluntarily agreed to receive information from a brand via email. It is important to note that subscribers are different from customers, as they have not necessarily made a purchase in the online store.

What is the purpose of having subscribers in ecommerce?

Having a list of ecommerce subscribers is very valuable, as it allows online stores to maintain a closer relationship with their target audience. By having an email list, online stores can send personalized emails to their subscribers, allowing them to communicate effectively and directly with them. Some of the most outstanding benefits of having a list of subscribers are:

  • Customer loyalty: By maintaining a closer relationship with subscribers, online stores can build loyalty with existing customers and increase the likelihood of future purchases.
  • Increased sales: By sending exclusive promotions and discounts to subscribers, online stores can increase their sales and improve their profitability.
  • Target audience knowledge: By learning more about subscribers’ interests and needs, online stores can tailor their marketing strategies to more effectively reach their target audience.

Examples of ecommerce subscription strategies

Here are some examples of subscription strategies that online stores can use to attract subscribers and grow their email list:

  • Offer an incentive: Online stores can offer an incentive, such as an exclusive discount, to users who sign up for their email list. This can be an effective way to attract new subscribers.
  • Create exclusive content: Online stores can create exclusive content, such as guides or tutorials, that are only available to subscribers. This can be an effective way to retain existing customers and attract new subscribers.
  • Send personalized e-mails: Online stores can send personalized e-mails to subscribers to inform them about new promotions or products. This can be an effective way to maintain a close relationship with customers and increase sales.


In short, subscribers are essential to e-commerce success. They are a constant source of revenue and customer loyalty, enabling steady and sustainable online business growth.

With the right underwriting strategy, it is possible to build a solid base of customers committed to the brand and ready to support it.

As such, it is important to pay attention to how you interact with subscribers and how you offer them long-term value. By doing so, you can ensure the success and longevity of your online business.

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