Custom order history

In Pantala they offer their clients a special service.

Customers can rent the clothes they want for the period they need.

A special business needs special solutions.

For Pantala, we have implemented an advanced, fully bespoke order history.

Client area

Your registered customers will be able to access the customer area of the online store, where they can see their orders and their status. Or they can download virtual products (such as electronic books, videos, etc.) that they have purchased from your online store.

In addition, they will be able to edit the shipping address or the billing address, edit personal data such as: name, surname, email or password change in a comfortable and easy way.

Custom payment details

As well as custom order history and customer area, also customer payment details are tailored for the Pantala customer.

Users can check the payments made, manage their credit cards and review their plan subscriptions.

Everything from just one place. Easy, fast and comfortable.

custom filters

The Pantala client’s products are related in several properties.

Our team has prepared advanced filter, where users can combine various properties of the product and perform the most effective filtration.

Smart Product Variations

Each client is different and has different needs, at Pantala they know this very well. Therefore we have implemented a few variations of smart products.

The client always has visible the products and their variations exactly for the same.

Advanced pop-up offers

To notify Pantala customers about a new offer, we have implemented a pop-up window.

The window has the advanced configuration, so it only appears on the default pages, and thanks to cookie technology they know that the user has subscribed and does not see the offer again.

For all devices

All our websites are prepared for all devices.

Windows PC, Mac, iPhones and Android mobiles and tablets with iOS or Android.

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