A sophisticated


of traditional

Asian cuisine.

Masaya, the secret haven of authentic Japanese cuisine, offers an unparalleled dining experience where elegance meets tradition.

Each dish is a masterpiece, carefully crafted by expert chefs, ranging from fresh and delicate sushi to intensely flavored grilled dishes. 


Masaya is not just a restaurant; it is a journey through the senses, a tribute to Japanese culture and culinary excellence. Diners who visit Masaya will discover the essence of Japan in every bite, in an atmosphere that reflects sophistication and a taste for the authentic.


What was cooked at WeLoveWeb:
Web design, Web development, The Interactive Menu, Reservation functionality

Interactive Menu

Try now the functionality of the digital menu implemented in Masaya’s website!

When creating the design, we wanted to bring the restaurant experience directly to the customers and allow them to approach the different dishes through the online presentation.

For the design, we chose an oriental font, soft colors and painted motifs, so characteristic of Japan.


To give a coherent sense and a unique customer experience, we also created a narrative design, where the user starts with a look at the kitchen, discovers the history and legacy of the Masaya restaurant in Barcelona, explores its full menu and learns the opinions of people who have visited it.


Designer, WeLoveWeb


For restaurants, having a mobile version of their website is essential, as approximately 80% of all restaurant web traffic comes from visitors using mobile devices. This makes sense, as the majority of people search for restaurants on their phones when they are hungry or spontaneously decide to dine out.


Therefore, we adopted a mobile-first approach for this project. This means that all functionality was developed primarily with mobile devices in mind. Thanks to this approach, users enjoy a unique experience specifically designed for mobile devices.


Developer, WeLoveWeb

Custom Web Design

Not only did we pay meticulous attention to the mobile design, but we also carefully crafted the desktop version.


The freedom and flexibility afforded by custom designing your website enable solutions that your competitors lack. These unique solutions can help you outperform the competition, increasing both your market share and profits.


One notable feature of Masaya’s website is the constant presence of the booking button, accessible on both mobile platforms and the desktop version.


This feature allows customers of Masaya restaurant to reserve a table with just a single click!

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