Revolution in the insurance market.

At Adity, they have set out to completely change the insurance market. Instead of you going to insurance companies, insurance companies will come to you! Simply visit the Adity website, submit your request through a simple and clear form, and insurance companies will start sending you their offers. Then, you can choose the one that suits you best, whether it’s based on terms or price. The beauty of it is that insurance companies can see each other’s offers, so they will compete for you! And at WeLoveWeb, we brought this entire system to life.


What we did:

Web design, Web development, Web application.

In the initial design of Adity, our focus was on making the website clear and user-friendly, just as people are accustomed to on insurance company websites. We weren’t looking for extravagance or overly elaborate design. The goal was for you to immediately orient yourself when you entered the website.


At the same time, we had the client’s request to convey a fresh impression, like that of a startup. They didn’t want to be perceived as one of the dinosaurs currently operating in the market.


Therefore, we approached the design in a way that was fresh, distinctive, and at the same time easy to navigate and straightforward.


Designer, WeLoveWeb


To set Adity’s presentation apart from the competition, we opted to utilize hand-drawn icons to symbolize each type of insurance, which were subsequently digitalized and transformed into vector graphics.


These icons not only make Adity distinctive but also help it stand out from competitors in the market, all while maintaining a professional and serious appearance.

Blue is good.

Serious, modern, and fresh – this is how we present in these tones.


We’ve chosen orange as an accent color, which stands out next to the blue.


Design is just one part of the project.

The other equally important part of the project is functionality.


For, we have designed a comprehensive request and offer management system, complete with email and WhatsApp notifications.


The subsequent implementation included both the front-end solution, i.e., the individual sections for users, such as what is seen when creating a new request, as well as the back-end solution, i.e., the control panel for the team.


Everything was fully customized and in accordance with’ requirements.


Project Manager, WeLoveWeb


Of course, we are aware that currently, 70% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices.


Therefore, in the case of, we followed a ‘mobile-first’ design approach, ensuring that the website is fully optimized for mobile devices.

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