Presentation of your services

We prepare a design, help you choose the best way to leave contact, and program everything you need exactly for your type of services.

Your company contacts

Let your customers contact you through various options.

Some clients prefer to speak on the phone and explain their needs by word of mouth, others prefer to write an email and wait for a response. Others however like to send an order directly via contact form.

We help your clients get in touch with you the way they prefer.

Manage your pages without additional costs

With our system you will be able to change any part of the web in the future.

Do you need to edit the texts, change the prices, add a video or change the photos? With our system you will not have any problems.

You won’t have to pay a programmer to change a phrase. If you know how Word works, you will love editing your website.

Automatic SEO

For each website we implement an automated SEO system.

The intelligent system creates everything that is needed so that Google understands the content of your website and has no problem with SEO.

This automatic solution creates titles for the previews, chooses a keyword (keyword) and serves it to Google. Automatically. Free.

Maximum security

Today more than ever, complete security is important for every website.

We implement a security system on all pages that protects your website and its content.

All with respect to the European regulations on the protection of data RGPD.

Contacts with your clients

For each business the most important thing is the customers. Having a database of contacts with your clients is important to offer a personalized service for each of them.

The basis of the previous questions, customer emails, purchase analysis: everything is included.

For all devices

All our websites are prepared for all devices.

Computer with Windows, Mac, iPhones and Android phones and tablets with iOS or Android.

What the owner says about our services

Very good service, the treatment is friendly and the relationship is very good, very attentive, especially the communication and the disposition at the time of any inconvenience that may arise (which are unlikely) is valued. Reliable and highly recommended. Thanks for everything to Petr and his entire team!

Hiring your own developer has never been easier.

Let us know what interests you and we will call you for free!

Please, make sure you phone number and email are correct.

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