Increase direct bookings

Direct bookings. Save on rates thanks to the website itself. Presentation of the rooms.
Different rates for different months and days. Extra options, special functions for each type of accommodation.

Mobile optimized property search form

Simplify your guest search across all accommodations with a dedicated search form.

With arrival / departure dates, number of adults, children and other extra options.

Complex fees based on property facilities

Do you have properties of the same type furnished differently? Maintain fenced rates for the same types of accommodations with different options: non-refundable and non-cancellable reservations, advanced amenities, breakfast, private bathroom and more.

Your guests will choose what they prefer on the checkout page.

Prices based on length of stay.

Discounts for longer stays? No problem! There may be different prices depending on the length of the stay. Add weekly, monthly or other rates for any custom duration.

Our system will automatically apply your rate rules.

Additional services

Offer extra guest services such as spa, airport to hotel transfer, swimming pool, babysitting, etc. so that guests can add them to their reservation on the checkout page.

Set the price of the service to be charged per stay daily, or let the guest choose. You can also configure prices per accommodation and per guest.

Property presentation

Present your accommodation and booking system directly on the property page, along with description, capacity, amenities, bed size, comments, price and images.

You can also show additional services and packages available for a specific type of accommodation.

Connect with sales channels

Do you use sales channels like Booking, Trivago, Skyscanner? It is not the slightest problem to connect the web calendar to these services, without having to keep each one separate.

Your website becomes a foundation for your business.


Diseño de páginas web completas, adaptadas a móviles y tabletas y además todo lo necesario para una web de hoteles: formularios de reserva, correo electrónico automático, tarifas complejas y presentación del alojamiento con un diseño moderno y llamativo, y más.

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