Digital Kit – How to get it?

Nowadays, digitization is synonymous with growth. The rapid and continuous digital transformation in which we live can challenge the traditional business models of companies. This is why having basic and advanced digital capabilities is essential to increase the productivity of SMEs. Factors such as storing data in the cloud, generating a greater volume of digital communications or automating corporate processes have shown that a digitization process can require time and resources.

For this reason, both the government and the autonomous communities and localities have created a series of grants and subsidies to support SMEs in their digital transformation. In this post you will find a compilation of grants and subsidies that you can request before the end of the year.

The First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation , Nadia Calviño, has presented the Digital Kit , the aid program promoted by the Government to promote the digitization of SMEs and the self-employed, which will contribute to modernizing the Spanish productive fabric.

The program is endowed with a budget of 3,067 million euros , financed by the European Union through the Next Generation EU funds and has the objective of digitizing SMEs and the self-employed throughout the national territory.

The Digital Kit was born to support the digital transformation of small businesses, micro-businesses and the self-employed and accompany them in the adoption of digital solutions that increase their level of digital maturity. A program framed in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan , the Digital Spain 2025 agenda and the SME Digitization Plan.

“The future of our SMEs and freelancers is written in a digital key. The objective is clear: take advantage of the opportunity of the Recovery Plan to provide our SMEs and the self-employed with the digital tools they need to increase their scale, access new markets and develop their full potential”, said the first vice-president.

How to apply for these grants?

To access personalized digital solutions, interested companies must first check their level of digitization through a ‘self-diagnosis test’, made available to them on the Acelera pyme platform. They can also access all the information and receive advice by calling 900 909 001, or in person at the Acelera pyme Offices distributed throughout Spain.

The companies that access this program through the public call will receive a digital bonus that will identify the economic amount that they will have to use in the digital solutions that best suit their needs. These digital solutions can be chosen from a wide catalog. Ten categories have been initially identified:

  1. Internet presence and website: creation of a website for the SME and/or provision of services to give it visibility on the main Internet sites.
  2. Electronic commerce: creation of an online store for the sale of products and/or services that uses digital media for their exchange.
  3. Management of social networks: promote the SME in social networks.
  4. Customer and/or supplier management: digitize and optimize the management of business relationships with customers.
  5. Business Intelligence and analytics: exploitation of company data to improve the decision-making process.
  6. Virtual office services and tools: implement interactive and functional solutions that allow more efficient collaboration between SME workers.
  7. Process management: digitize and/or automate business processes related to the operational or productive aspects of the SME.
  8. Electronic invoice: digitize the invoice issuance flow between SMEs and their clients.
  9. Secure communications: Provide SMEs with secure connections between their employees’ devices and the company.
  10. Cybersecurity: Provide SMEs with basic and advanced security for their employees’ devices.

How to use your digital bonus

In order to obtain the bonus, the following points must be met:

  • Be a small business, self-employed microenterprise.
  • Comply with the financial and effective limits that define the categories of companies.
  • Be registered and have the minimum seniority established by call.
  • Not be considered a company in crisis.
  • Be up to date with tax obligations and Social Security.
  • Not be subject to a pending recovery order from the European Commission that has declared aid illegal and incompatible with the common market.
  • Not incurring in any of the prohibitions provided for in article 13.2 of Law 38/2003, of November 17, General Subsidies. (small amount).

How to ask for aid?

If you meet all the requirements you can request the bonus, in the following steps:

  1. Register at
  2. Complete the self-diagnostic test.
  3. When you complete the test, a new section opens on the main page: “We welcome you to Kit Digital” where you can consult the catalog of digital solutions and where you can choose one or more of those offered by digitizing agents.
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