Your Guide to Listing Real Estate on Google’s Front Page

For real estate ventures, bringing your business to the internet is undeniably important for improving customer reach and acquiring a base competitive advantage. But things haven’t really been the same before the first property sellers went online.

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How Restaurants Can Boost Profits with Table Booking Systems

Running a thriving restaurant business can be quite lucrative, but it’s also cutthroat. To remain ahead of others, fulfilling your customers’ every need is essential. But even for well-to-do establishments, avoiding overbooking or providing an efficient table booking system is just as important.

9 Link-Building Strategies To Help Online Stores Rank Higher

Optimizing a business website for maximum traffic and conversions does not happen overnight. SEO might seem straightforward on paper, but, it is a continuous and careful undertaking. As Google keeps updating its algorithm and guidelines, on-site SEO modifications are simply not enough. Businesses need robust link-building strategies to survive.

The importance of website design for hotel businesses

As travel plans start to take off, so do flights full of tourists to exotic destinations. But wherever they go, they will need a place to stay. When booking a hotel, people value things like room size, amenities, event preparation, pricing, booking, and so much more. With proper web design,…

What features should a five-star real estate website offer?

12.é características debe ofrecer un sitio web inmobiliario de cinco estrellas 12.é características debe ofrecer un sitio web inmobiliario de cinco estrellas 12.é características debe ofrecer un sitio web inmobiliario de cinco estrellas …

Top web development skills that web developers should bring to the job

51. Web Development Skills That Web Developers Must Bring to The Job 51. Web Development Skills That Web Developers Must Bring to The Job 51. Web Development Skills That Web Developers Must Bring to The Job …

Must-have online payment gateways in Europe

40. Have Online Payment Gateways in Europe 40. Have Online Payment Gateways in Europe 40. Have Online Payment Gateways in Europe Which are the three most commonly used payment gateways for online stores in Europe, and why do you need to have them on your…

Make your custom column sortable

In the example, we will show the addition of a column that will show us directly in the backend the number of views for each of our blog posts.

Get more customers for your restaurant with the Interactive Menu!

Digital restaurant management offers a number of options that offline services cannot offer. Not only do customers have access to more options, but entrepreneurs themselves are capable of much more. On web platforms, restaurants with interactive menus are becoming increasingly common and fashionable.

What to do when your website is slow? Some key tips

Convenience is one of the main reasons why e-commerce is a major player in today’s market. Website speed plays an important role in this regard. The ability to quickly view products, order online, transact and take advantage of services is hugely attractive and often undervalued.

Comparison of the best hotel booking systems for WordPress

In the past, hotel owners relied on mountains of paperwork, phone books and physical space for reservations. Needless to say, while such a system might have worked in the past, using it today would be impractical and unwise.

Why should real estate companies have an interactive website?

With the relentless march of time, it seems that the real estate business has only increased its profitability. The only notable change is the move of most dealerships and real estate marketplaces into the digital realm.

Why is “Mobile-First” design a must for company websites?

Web design for e-commerce is not only about following trends, but also about adding convenience. The easier it is for users to access your services, the better it is for you.

Your guide to designing a professional online store

You’d be amazed by how many customers you can attract with a professional online store design. Let’s discuss how WordPress can help you achieve that.

Web design for restaurants – Everything you need to know

The food business is a highly competitive market where the struggle is real but being triumphant makes everything worth it. Though that has pretty much always been the case, much newer development is the boom of online eateries. Thus, as customers gravitate towards digital services, it’s important for business owners…

Why is website maintenance vital for online businesses?

As the number of online consumer businesses and services increases, the importance of competitive web design becomes more evident as time goes by. But as time goes on, established online businesses have a lot of catching up to do. This includes the key step of website maintenance.

Why Social Media Presence Matters for Your Hotel Business

To give their customers the best experience, hotel owners don’t just have to work on their property. They need expert marketing and administration on their side as well. For online service providers, coming up with an impactful networking and engagement campaign can accomplish that with ease.

The best tools to check the traffic on your website

Checking the traffic on your website is very important to understand the performance of your website. With this type of analysis, it will not only help us understand who has visited us, which channels generate the most traffic, but it will also help us understand how we will fare against…

How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Email Issue

Many of our clients who came to us to fix their website, built for some freelancer, ask us why their contact form doesn’t send emails or why they don’t see any WordPress notifications. Or why your customers are not receiving emails from your online store.

10 Stats to Consider When Planning a Web Redesign

To maximize the impact of a website redesign, it must be carefully planned and executed. Factors like budget, timing, SEO, and conversion need to be considered and incorporated into the overall strategy of redesigning a website.

HTTP 403 Forbidden Messages: What They Are and How to Fix Them

Picture this: You’ve recently created a new website to host your content, and you’re excited to see it live. You can’t wait to dive into SEO and start ranking for keywords and attracting an audience to your brand.

Divi vs Elementor: WordPress Plugin Comparison

Divi and Elementor are two of the leading drag and drop WordPress page builders. Both allow you to create a 100% custom website with no technical knowledge required. In addition to helping you create pages, they also support theme creation and advanced dynamic content integrations.

How to install PHP on any server (Linux, macOS, Windows)

Setting up a server can be a daunting task, especially when installing languages like PHP. "Hypertext Pre-Processor". If you want to get a WordPress test server up and running, it's a necessary skill to learn. Try a free demo No idea where to start to get PHP on your server?…

How to connect WooCommerce to Ebay or Amazon

Multichannel sales offer a fantastic way to reach more customers by expanding your reach. To do so, you have to integrate your store with marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, Etsy and Walmart, among others.

14 Things Salespeople Should Know Before Calling a Prospect

In sales, there are no second chances. If you screw up a call, you don’t get a second at-bat: the damage has already been done, and whether you can turn things around is as much up to your clients as it is up to you.

Squarespace vs. WordPress

While WordPress is by far the most popular content management system in the world, that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to build a website. In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of beginner website builders like Squarespace and Wix. In this post, we’ll compare the first, Squarespace, to WordPress,…